Dean Box is a traditional master signwriter and gold leaf gilding specialist and has been established in Bedford since 1986.

Welcome to my website

My passion is traditional signwriting, I travel to many locations nationwide undertaking all types of signwriting and gold leaf work, from the very smallest to the very largest of projects.

Smallest being: - Honours boards and plaques.
Largest being : - Aircraft Hanger Doors.
The majority of my work has been and still is working on Narrow Boats.
Please enter my gallery to view more of my artwork with Canal/Narrow boats, Classic & Commercial Vehicles, Fascia Boards, Honours Boards and Gold Leaf Gilding, (especially Fairground artwork and on Traction Engines),  you will also see some diverse projects which I am very happy to carry out. 

  Signwriting a Narrow Boat at Carnzu Boats at Pitstone Wharf  Signwriting a Narrow Boat at Carnzu Boats at Pitstone Wharf